NO HEAT in your home? Try these troubleshooting steps before you call in a request for Emergency Service.

Checklist for Oil Burners & Furnaces

  • Are you out of fuel? Check the gauge on the top of your tank. If the the gauge reads 1/8 or less, you may be out of fuel.
  • Is your thermostat set above room temperature? This is an easy detail to overlook, and sometimes caused by a fireplace or other heat source creating a localized warm area, which in turn leaves the rest of your home with NO HEAT.
  • Is there electrical power getting to you heating system? Check for a tripped circuit breaker(s).
  • Have you pressed the burner RESET button (Only One Time)? If you have ruled out items 1 thru 3 on this checklist, try the reset button Only One Time.

If these steps have failed to identify the NO HEAT problem in your home, please Contact our service team for assistance without delay.

Do you have NO HEAT after normal business hours?

Click Here for Emergency Service instructions

Checklist for Propane Equipment

  • If your appliance is inoperable OR if you smell gas, CALL US immediately!